a tapestry of days...

Apr 19, 2017

the joy of friendships...far and wide :0)

 Hello there dear friends...

I pray that you have had a wonderful time celebrating our Savior's Resurrection this past Sunday.  For me it was a wonderful time of reflection and contemplation...
My heart overflowed with praise for the sacrifice freely given by Our Savior - Jesus Christ! 

I have been away from this lovely place due to a cold that I could not shake!.  I was able to travel and visit my brother and his family about two weeks ago, and upon my return, I fell very sick with the flu bug that seems to make the rounds around our little town. :-/

But alas, I feel much better, and slowly but surely, I am returning to my old self again! 

So many changes that Our Lord has shown me.  So many discoveries from lessons that He knew I needed to go through and learn from....I'll share as time allows :0) 

But today is the big Reveal day! yay!!!

For the past three years, I think it has been three, I have participated on Stephanie's wonderful tea cup/mug exchange.  I have had a most wonderful time putting together my packages and receiving such delightful goodies :D 

This year was no exception! 

My mug partner was Stacy...she is a young mother of four and a wife of a minister residing in North Carolina.  As a mother that home-schooled her three children, I can relate with Stacy on the struggles of putting together curriculum and balancing teacher/mother relations :0) She has a delightful blog , intentional mommyhood, , in which she shares information on different lesson plans and home schooling endeavors.  It is such a joy to have met her through this exchange...

Her package was filled with a gorgeous box and in it, a nice size mug with a lovely hair barrette, a seed package of Zinnias, a book mark, and of course tea :D.  I loved the lemon lift tea so much, that I went out and bought myself a box :-D 

Thank you Stacy for putting such a lovely package together.  

My tea cup partner was Sara.  She is an adjunct professor at a local Christian university, she also runs her own designing and dressmaking business, specializing on historical clothing and wedding attire.  Oh and what a lovely website she has! 

This package was a delight to open.  The paper was toile...one of my favorite fabric prints, and the cards that I received were just lovely!!!

But when I opened the package, I heard a rattle, and my heart just sunked! :-/  the tea-cup and what I presume was a milk jug from the tea set was just broken beyond repair :-(

 tTe teapot and the sugar bowl made it through shipping and it is just precious, and so was the delicious chocolate and the tea :-) 

Thank you Sara for the package...thank you for sharing yourself in your lovely card :0) 


Overall, I am quite delighted with my goodies :D 

Again, it goes without saying how wonderful it is to participate in this kind of exchange.  Thank you sweet Stephanie for taking the time to put this together.  I know the hard work that goes into these kind of endeavors :0)  God bless you sweet lady! 


Until next time dear friends...