welcome to my studio!

...a.k.a. ~ what used to be the dining room :0) 

Dear friends of mine came over today for morning tea. 
 I made them a delicious coffee cake with  granola topping ... yummy!

Only two lonely pieces left :-/

As we were enjoying a good time chatting away, one of them began to share the towels she was going to start weaving. They are just so pretty and absorbent! 

When I shared that I wished I had my floor loom out once again, so that I could participate in this new project...they all looked at each other and said...

"well, we can help you!" 

And help they did!!!

One went to the garage and with the help of my middle son, the floor loom was pulled out and 

The other one began to shift furniture around without any fear :0) I just love friends that feel so at home in my house, that they just start doing everything as if they lived here :D 

With their help, I was able to create my studio....

Here are some photos of how it looks...

I feel so good as I view these photos.  All my creative endeavors in one room. 

...and this is how the rest of the cottage looks like.  

I truly love how it looks and can't wait to start creating :0) 

but I am quite exhausted from all that furniture moving, and taking care of Miss A. and making sure the cat did not go outside, and taking care of the laundry... phew! 

I think it is time for a cup of tea...

oh...and I also cut my hair :D 

until next time dear friends....


when you spin...

...you realize what joy it is to create something after you have finished making yarn...

...there is a sense of accomplishment that is just so refreshing :0) 

I am creating a shawl with this lovely Border-Leiscester Mohair blend... 

So warm and cozy :0) 


*** I had to close my .com for a bit.  I have to work at it a bit more :-/
But I am thinking that an Etsy shop will be just simpler... ***