quiet days... {a chatty post}

Hello Dear Friends...

How is your summer going? 
 I can not believe it is the end of June and July is starting tomorrow. The summer is truly moving fast, or maybe it is because I am getting older and time seems to be shorter?
Well, who knows, but I do know that this month passed very quickly for me. 

Here in the cottage, the garden is just bursting with blooms. 
 The rains that have been coming quite often, has given the garden a great boost.  So different from last year's.  Drought was very hard here in the mountains, but isn't that the way it is?

I had a really nice harvest of strawberries this year and they were just delicious.  I am the kind of gardener that mixes perennials with vegetables in the same bed.  Since I don't have much room for specific flower and vegetable beds, I have to utilize every single bit of space.  Yes, the garden looks a bit crazy at times, but well, that is how I garden.  It took quite a bit for hubby to accept this style of mine, but now, he thinks its beautiful :0) 

Sitting with fabric, needle and  thread has become a very enjoyable pass time of late.  I had to store away my sewing machines once again, due to the pain in my head.  The noise they make is too much for me.  I tried the hand crank, but it leaves my arm hurting.  So I decided to go back to basics and begin to sew by hand once again.  

Yes, it does take awhile. But I don't mind.  It is quite soothing to sit quietly, while I move the needle in and out of cloth. Right now, I'll be starting a new dress that should  take all of next week to finish. 

I am so grateful to My Heavenly Father, that I can concentrate without pain.  


And of course, after many, many doctor appointments and misdiagnosis, I have called a stop to all the tests and specialists visits for the foreseeable future.  The bills were increasing, while the answers were few and far between.  

But you know what dear friends,  Our Lord knows what I have and since He hasn't seen fit to show me what that is, I will continue to live this life, peacefully, quietly and with a full heart that is finally calm.  

I know what my limitations are.  And I will wait upon my Father to show me...

Well, I think that is enough chatter for now :-D 

I pray you have a wonderful Fourth of July celebration! 




  1. A lovely chatty post, Mari. Your garden is a bit like mine, things growing happily together without any regimentation. Cottage gardens are best!

    1. Good morning Barbara 😊😊 yes, cottage gardens are really wonderful ... thank you for stopping by 😊

  2. Such a pretty Bleeding Heart and strawberries. My garden is that way this year ~ some veg here and there amongst the flowers. Quite pretty that way!
    Enjoy your weekend, Mari! ♡

  3. What a wonderful eclectic garden, I love the idea of mixing vegetables with flowers. Take care.